Marriage-Based Immigration

Extensive know-how in handling all aspects of spousal immigration.

It is common knowledge that you can apply for a green card based on your marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Marriage is often portrayed as the easiest and fastest way to immigrate. Some applicants who choose to go it alone later realize that filing the spousal green card case without proper guidance could be a costly mistake.

Applicants actually need to undergo an exacting process of establishing that the marriage is genuine and not for the sole purpose of immigration. A finding of marriage fraud could lead to serious consequences to both the foreign and U.S. citizen spouse.

I can help with your fiancé(e) visa or spousal green card case.

  • I-129 F Petition for Fiance(e)
  • I-130 Petition for Relative
  • I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status
  • Immigrant Visa Application
  • Same-sex fiancé visas and spousal petitions
  • I-751 Petition to Remove Condition
  • Immigration reliefs for survivors of domestic abuse

Cristina A. Godinez
Immigration Attorney

Immigration is a complicated process. Any person who decides to go through it could use the steady hand of an attorney who has undergone the experience and has acquired the technical expertise in a variety of law firm settings.

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